Southend Central

Hope your all having a nice Sunday evening. Yesterday I got the tube to Fenchurch Street station, and got the train to Southend Central. If you have kids or just want a day trip with friends there is a big ‘theme’ park and a street full of timeout games. I went for a walk through Clifford gardens, and stopped a couple of times to read and soak up the little sun that was there. The gardens were beautiful, so many colourful flowers arranged in different patterns.



There were so many people on the beach having picnics. I didn’t find a nice brunch place to worth mentioning but as I walked around I came across a couple of bars/restaurants if you are out there for dinner one night (The Mews & The Clarence Yard – which on googling are part of the same group) they had comfy chairs/couches and looked really cosy!

Until next time x


Sleepy Town of Poole

I could not wait to write the blog on this! I LOVED Poole! It is 2 hours on the fast train from London. Once off the train I made my way through the main streets to the waterfront, it is a harbour with shops and restaurants lining it. I went to the Quay Cafe ( for brunch then made my way around the coast.  The views were gorgeous and was so refreshing to get a sea breeze. I could see in the distance the point and when googling at Brunch it was Sandbanks beach. I walked to the start of the point and soon realised that it was a lot further than anticipated so will have to come back and take the bus next time to get my beach fix.


Kids were playing, dogs were being walked, it seemed that a lot of retired people lived there as many were out and about and there was a bench to catch your breath every 10 or so metres. On my way back I stopped to lie in the sun, with several dogs coming to say Hello!



There are several ferries running throughout the day to Brownsea Island, and around the harbour. I took the cruise as by then it was 4pm and I wouldn’t have enough time to see the island before last boat. It was a nice and relaxing way to end my day before grabbing some dinner and making my way back to London. I can’t wait to go again!

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Day Trip to Southampton / Isle of Wight

At work everyone always takes the mickey out of me as they think I visit the crappy towns of the UK. Well they were right about Southampton.  If you are going to Southampton for the day, I would suggest doing what I ended up doing and going to the Isle of Wight. I got to Southampton at 9.30 in the morning and headed into the city centre, it was pretty standard – main street with shops. I wanted to grab some breakfast but there was no nice breakfast places that I could see, I headed towards the seafront hoping for some options there but I arrived and it was just a couple of ports for the ferries that leave from there.

I made my way into one of the four shopping centres there and grabbed a burger from Handmade Burger – if you haven’t been there, go! Especially for their Peanut butter and bacon burger. I then decided for a plan B and grabbed the next ferry across to the Isle of Wight. There are two ferries there, one that takes an hour to East Cowes or the Redjet that takes 25 minutes to West Cowes. I took the Redjet and was on my way.

We pulled into the harbour and got off. I stepped off to a shop-lined street with cute boutique shops and cafes selling handmade cakes and food. I then got to the coastline and took in the gorgeous view. The water is such a beautiful colour! As I got further around the coast the wind picked up a lot and it started raining so I had to turn back, I took a bus to Newport and made my way around the small town. I ended it with a cider in the oldest pub called the Castle Inn (

The afternoon was getting cold and rain just kept coming back for more rounds so I made my way back to the mainland. Great day out but will have to make it back to the Isle of Wight when the weather is better so look out for that post when I eventually make the trip back!


Until next time x

New to this

Hi there, I am Renee. I am a kiwi currently living in London and have just turned 30. I have been thinking about this for a while, a way to keep track of the places I have been along with sharing them with all of you. I will be adding posts from my travels whether large or small sharing my experiences and also must sees. I hope you enjoy! x

Weekend In Oxford

Oxford, United Kingdom

Last weekend I took the train an hour and a half from London to the little city of Oxford. I arrived at the backpackers, dropped my things and went out to have a quick walk around before getting some dinner and happy hour cocktails. Saturday morning I got up and set out for a day of exploring, I was blown away by the buildings – they are just so gorgeous! I made my way to a little cafe called the Organic Deli and had some gluten free pancakes with yoghurt and fruit while the table of guys next to me looked on in awe.

I then got my little map out and decided the direction I was going. As I meandered, I passed college after college, walked through beautiful grounds of the university in amongst a quick pull of my umbrella when the rain decided to come out to play. I took safe haven in cafes and pubs when the rain got too much.

On the second night I went to the White Rabbit which is a pub nearby where I had breakfast and got their famous prized gluten free pizza and washed it down with a cider. I was then asked to join a couple of guys who were celebrating Brexit, probably the only people in Oxford doing so. When I go out of London I always have the pleasure of remembering how nice people are once you get out of the city.

On Sunday I was scheduled to do a college walking tour but the colleges were closed that morning so I switched to the afternoon and decided since I was there I would do the free city tour. It was a long day on my feet but I love doing city tours as you get a lot of information about the city that you wouldn’t generally know as well as inside knowledge as the tours are run by students.

For the Harry Potter fans out there, I saw where they filmed some scenes, like the room that was used as the hospital wing in the films, and also again for the ballroom dancing lessons.

Lastly if your reading this and have not studied yet or are wanting to do some post graduate study then may I recommend going to Oxford, it looks like an amazing experience to get to stay in a college, where you eat, sleep and have your tutorials, while enjoying the many activities the college has to offer. I know if I could go back in time, I know what I would do.


Until next time x