Day Trip to Southampton / Isle of Wight

At work everyone always takes the mickey out of me as they think I visit the crappy towns of the UK. Well they were right about Southampton.  If you are going to Southampton for the day, I would suggest doing what I ended up doing and going to the Isle of Wight. I got to Southampton at 9.30 in the morning and headed into the city centre, it was pretty standard – main street with shops. I wanted to grab some breakfast but there was no nice breakfast places that I could see, I headed towards the seafront hoping for some options there but I arrived and it was just a couple of ports for the ferries that leave from there.

I made my way into one of the four shopping centres there and grabbed a burger from Handmade Burger – if you haven’t been there, go! Especially for their Peanut butter and bacon burger. I then decided for a plan B and grabbed the next ferry across to the Isle of Wight. There are two ferries there, one that takes an hour to East Cowes or the Redjet that takes 25 minutes to West Cowes. I took the Redjet and was on my way.

We pulled into the harbour and got off. I stepped off to a shop-lined street with cute boutique shops and cafes selling handmade cakes and food. I then got to the coastline and took in the gorgeous view. The water is such a beautiful colour! As I got further around the coast the wind picked up a lot and it started raining so I had to turn back, I took a bus to Newport and made my way around the small town. I ended it with a cider in the oldest pub called the Castle Inn (

The afternoon was getting cold and rain just kept coming back for more rounds so I made my way back to the mainland. Great day out but will have to make it back to the Isle of Wight when the weather is better so look out for that post when I eventually make the trip back!


Until next time x


2 thoughts on “Day Trip to Southampton / Isle of Wight

  1. Gosh…where to start? I have a suspicion that you didn’t bother to do your research before you travelled. The ‘crappy town’ that you visited has a lot going for it, including some stuff that is original to Hampshire (Handmade Burger is a chain that has branches in London).

    Specific places to visit:

    (1) Winchester
    (2) Southampton Art Gallery
    (3) Southampton’s Parks…

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    1. Hi hampshirehog. I don’t think theres anything wrong with Southampton, and yes I did research it beforehand but decided that since there was only a couple of things to do – that isn’t going to take a whole day. And you have proved my point as the first thing you mention is a place that is another town/city which I have been to and is beautiful. This is my blog, based on my opinion and experience. And yes Handmade burger is a chain with one branch in London – doesn’t take away from being great food.


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