Sleepy Town of Poole

I could not wait to write the blog on this! I LOVED Poole! It is 2 hours on the fast train from London. Once off the train I made my way through the main streets to the waterfront, it is a harbour with shops and restaurants lining it. I went to the Quay Cafe ( for brunch then made my way around the coast.  The views were gorgeous and was so refreshing to get a sea breeze. I could see in the distance the point and when googling at Brunch it was Sandbanks beach. I walked to the start of the point and soon realised that it was a lot further than anticipated so will have to come back and take the bus next time to get my beach fix.


Kids were playing, dogs were being walked, it seemed that a lot of retired people lived there as many were out and about and there was a bench to catch your breath every 10 or so metres. On my way back I stopped to lie in the sun, with several dogs coming to say Hello!



There are several ferries running throughout the day to Brownsea Island, and around the harbour. I took the cruise as by then it was 4pm and I wouldn’t have enough time to see the island before last boat. It was a nice and relaxing way to end my day before grabbing some dinner and making my way back to London. I can’t wait to go again!

Until next time x


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