Kent Coast

Broadstairs, United Kingdom

I am a little late on this post. A couple of weekends ago I made my way out to Kent to Broadstairs. It was blue skies and sunshine, and there were people already enjoying the beach when I arrived so after a quick look around I joined them!

It was really relaxing and peaceful, I laid out my sarong and laid back to soak up the rays. It was the first time since I’ve been in the UK that I knew I would be getting in the water! After a short while a lovely lady asked if she could join me and I welcomed her next to me. After a slight language barrier I found out she was from Turkey and was there learning English for the next couple of months. It was nice to have some company.

Before the sky clouded too much I took the plunge and made my way to the water, it was FREEZING!! But I was determined to have at least one experience in the water before the summer ends.


Once I had dried off a bit I made my way along the beach to check out the bays either side of Broadstairs. I wanted to check out Botany Bay which was about 5 bays along. It was quite a trek on the sand but luckily for the coastal trail on the way back or it may have been a very slow journey on the way back.


All and all another favourite coastal area where the people are friendly and the food was delish! I would definitely recommend checking this little town out.

Until next time x


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