Geordie Land!

At the end of September I ticked another UK town off my list and headed North to the land of the Geordies.

I arrived early Saturday morning and went to Olive & Bean for breakfast. the staff were really lovely and had many gluten free options ( Fun fact – I have Coeliac Disease), I got the Eggy Bread and it was delicious! I was staying at the Albatross Backpackers and the staff were again very friendly and had luggage storage for me while I spent the day exploring.

The Snowdogs had just been planted around the city and everyone was out and about following their trail so I decided to join them and take a few pics.


On Sunday I went to the Life Museum – it was really good! They had an Animals Inside Out exhibition on and it was amazing, the animals have been skinned and you can see all the organs and arteries etc. that are inside an animal. I love science and animals so I was in my element!


In the morning of Sunday I strolled along the Quay and took a peek at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art – it was worthwhile and you can’t go wrong with a free art centre. They also had a viewing platform looking over the Quay.


In the neighbourhood of Jesmond there was a nice creek trail that lead to a waterfall and old windmill and for the kids and big kids at heart there was also a Pet’s Corner where you can coo over the bunnies and other animals there.


I always feel at peace exploring a new city/town and I love getting out of London to explore more of what the UK has to offer.

Until next time x


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