Sunday Catchup

At the beginning of the month I had some visitors from home, they were travelling around Europe and UK for a couple of months and we met up the night before they left.

I had heard from a few friends about the Skygarden in the Walkie Talkie tower and it came highly recommended so thought it would be an awesome idea to take my friends up.

To go up the tower is free, you just need to book online a time slot, and your good to go!


I wish I had known about it sooner! It was so amazing!! You go through a security check then take the lift up and it brings you to the bar. It is a gorgeous open space with 360 degree views of London. We arrived just as the sun was about to set so got to see day and night views. We found the drinks menu and although the cocktails looked amazing, we weren’t too keen on paying over 11 pounds for a cocktail so we opted for our countries ‘Old Mout’ cider. It was reasonably priced, same price as bars, maybe a little more depending where you go. Then we had a look around. There is a garden – as in the name, and two sets of stairs either side that go up and around the back of the bar area. After taking a few snaps, and taking in the view, we then we grabbed ourselves a table and took in the view while catching up on life.


A must do if you like nature, views and drinks =) and who doesn’t? Right!

Until next time x


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