Top ways to save space and must haves in your carry on!

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I think I have become a pro at saving space when it comes to carry on as that is all I ever travel with since I have been in the UK. So I thought I would share some tips as it has really come in handy for bringing the essentials and also making it not heavy and getting all your liquids through customs. I also am putting in there some must haves to make your travel easier and handy when needed!

  1. Buy plastic containers – I bought mine just at poundland and another cheap store. They have been a lifesaver. I put my moisturisers, cleansers, shampoo, suncream and aftersun in these and they save so much room and weight for your bag.
  2. Organisers / Snaplock bags – It doesn’t have to cost the earth to separate out your clothing. Using organisers saves space by taking some of the air out of the clothes and makes it so easy to keep everything tidy as when everything is put together it can expand and look like you have less room. Also great for holding your dirty clothes so they don’t get mixed up with your clean ones =)
  3. Magazine – I always treat myself to a magazine when I go away, so I can keep myself occupied when I am travelling, and if you finish it while you are away you can ditch it and your bag gets lighter – always a good thing!
  4. Wear your bulky stuff on the plane, shoes and jackets can take up a lot of room, but if you wear them they keep your luggage weight down, and free up your bag.
  5. Padlock – If you are staying in a hostel, this is a good idea as then you don’t need to buy a padlock, and it keeps your stuff safe in your locker.
  6. Earplugs and face mask – keeps sound out if you are stuck in a room with snorers – which seems to be regularly at the moment, and also a face mask to block the light out so if someone comes in during the night or you need a sleep in if the windows aren’t that well covered, your sorted. I don’t travel anywhere without these! Even planes if there are crying babies or your in a hotel and its noisy outside – they are a must!
  7. Umbrella and beanie – you never know what the weather will be like – especially in a cold place. A beanie is small and fits easily in your bag, but keeps you super warm if it is colder than expected. And an umbrella. You don’t want to be stuck buying umbrellas or ponchos while your there and wasting money when you can bring your one from home.
  8. Currency – I have found that the best rates for changing currency is when you get there. Always check online first though as the occasional country will not have as good a rate. But in general wait until you get there and to save money on ATM cash, take out how much you think you will spend before you leave so you have it on you and don’t get stung then just exchange bits at a time so you don’t get stuck having to convert alot of currency back at the end.
  9. Make a list of sights/restaurants before you leave for your trip, especially if you only have a weekend. Saves you from becoming overwhelmed by thinking your going to miss something that you had wanted to see/do and its quite fun ticking them off at the end =)
  10. Finally make sure to have fun! If you don’t get to do everything you wanted that’s fine and I have come to realise that just walking the streets and ‘acting like a local’ by just chilling at a cafe and reading a book or walking through a park is just as fun and is just as apart of the experience as going to the more touristy parts of a city.

Leave you tips below for how you save time/space/carry on must haves as I would love to add some new ways to my list as we can always improve!

Until next time x


Bath time! – Part 2

Roman Bath's, Bath, United Kingdom

Sunday was my favourite day in Bath. I started it by going to the Roman Bath Kitchen for breakfast where the staff were lovely and I got a bacon and egg roll with a teapot of herbal tea. Then I walked across the cobbled street to the Roman Bath’s. It was so interesting, there was a lot of information and you get a free audio guide to take with you around. At the end you get to drink some of the water which is a little odd as the water is warm and you can taste that there are minerals etc. in it.

Roman Bath's, Bath

Then I made my way to the Spa! They do a two hour welcome spa for £37 on the weekend. It includes towel, shoes, and a robe and you get to go to a couple of pools, one of which is on the roof and aromatherapy sauna rooms. It was just what I needed! Especially on a cold day, it was so good to relax and enjoy the experience. After begrudgingly leaving the spa I did the audio guide for Jane Austen. It was really interesting and made me want to live in that time. I had run out of time, but there is also a Jane Austen centre that you can go to.

Jane Austen's House, Bath

Now it was time for food again! I went to Cosy Club, and got some tapas and a drink. The food was amazing! Perfect way to end my weekend in Bath, before getting the train back to London.

Until next time x

Bath time!

A couple of weekends ago I ticked off another destination in the UK that I have been wanting to go to for ages! Bath!

I took the train once again on Friday night, and found out that I was going to be staying at a Belushi’s. For those of you who aren’t from the UK, it is a bar. Upstairs was quite quiet but the noise outside the window from the people on the street was not as pleasant. If your there to party if would be fine, but otherwise you will need some earplugs. Saturday morning I went to Bill’s Bath for breakfast, and got avocado on toast with a poached egg. The avocado was a little over the top as there was more avocado than needed, but otherwise just what I needed to keep me fueled up for my day. While I was at Bill’s I looked at some pamphlets and saw an advertisement for the Visit Bath website. It was so good, and will definitely look up other cities in future to see if they have a similar thing. They had audio guides that you can download to your phone that takes you around the city to all the sights. There was a world heritage one and a Jane Austen one (she used to live in Bath for six years). I started off the World Heritage audio guide, it took me off around the corner from breakfast to the Bath Abbey. I then walked past the Roman Bath’s, and down and around to No.1 Royal Crescent. I stopped the guide and went inside, which is the only Georgian style house in Bath on display.

No.1 Royal Crescent, Bath

After I wandered by the river, and over the Pultney Bridge and to the end of the road where Holburne Museum is and had a quick look inside. It is free so you might as well go in, I didn’t spend too long there as it wasn’t really my type of thing. Then it was back across the bridge to end the guide.

Holburne Museum, Bath


It was still early afternoon so I went down towards the station and out the back to go for a bit of a trek, to Alexandra Viewpoint. It is not for the lighthearted, it was very steep and stairs all the way, but if you are up for it, it is definitely worth it! The view is amazing! After taking in the goregous view, I went back down and to Prior Park Landscape Gardens, this wasn’t steep but it was a slight incline all the way there and it was a long walk! I should of grabbed a bus. This was a paid entrance, which I’m not sure was worth the price, there was a few really nice parts to it, but if you are strapped for time, its not the end of the world.

Prior Park Landscape Garden, Bath

I  walked back into the city centre where I got a very well deserved dinner. Iwent to Stable bar, I had seen they did gluten free bases so I grabbed dinner there – it was really yummy! and the staff were friendly, I tried one of their ciders from the region as recommended by the lady behind the bar. Then it was home for an early night after walking around all day.

Sunday’s excapades will be in part 2

Until next time x