Blue Lagoon and Other Things – Iceland!

At the beginning of last month I ticked another country off the list and headed north and went to the little island called Iceland! It has a population of about 330,000 and about 2/3’s are in Reykjavik.

The weather forecast was a degree or two colder than London, so I took the usual – beanie, gloves, scarf and a couple of jackets in case one got wet. I had found a hostel with good reviews in the centre of town by the wharf. It was really nice, if you want to pay €9 for their organic breakfast you can, and they have tours you can book on their website to get out and about in Iceland. I was in a 10 bed dorm I believe. It was really spacious and they seem to like looking after the environment as there was dimmer lights, and recycling bins in our room. The room had an ensuite and the room wasn’t full while I was there and people were coming and going on tours so there was never a line for the shower.

Reykjavik, Iceland - Coloured Houses

I had a really late flight and if you have never been to Iceland it is good to know in advance that the airport is actually about 40min – 1hr from the city centre, and there is a flybus that costs about £20 that you can get that runs with the flights but waits until everyone is out the airport before it leaves. So it was a late arrival for me, and since the sun doesn’t come up until about 9.30am I got a decent sleep in without feeling like I was wasting the day.

Reykjavik, Iceland, Church

It was raining on the Friday – for the whole day! And it was overcast so I spent my day going in and out of the gorgeous boutique shops there up their main street. If you have heaps of money you could empty your bank accounts but I stuck to browsing. They have the chain Joe and the Juice which did gluten free bread so I got a chicken, pesto, tomato and avocado grilled toastie- and it was delicious!! I also got a coffee, after looking stupid and asking what the different colours meant on the menu only to look up and see it was the different sized cups!

After exploring the streets I headed down to the waterfront where I went inside the Harper building which is a concert hall. It had some viewing stairs and areas on the different levels to sit and watch the sea. The architecture of the building is amazing, it has hexangonal shapes as the sides of the building, it looks like a rock from the outside.

Harper, Reykjavik, Iceland

I then had a short walk back to the hostel to chill for a bit and get out of the cold and wet. There was a girl in the room, and we grabbed some dinner at a burger place, then went for a drink at a pub in the main strip. It was nice for some company and was good experiencing some nordic lifestyles.

Until next time x


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