Part 2 – Iceland – The Main Attraction

Klambratun, Reykjavik, Iceland

Saturday morning I had home made breakfast as there doesn’t seem to be many breakfast places and also which would be gluten free, so I had some skyr yoghurt and museli. Today was alot nicer, no rain but alot colder! There were snowflakes in the air, and I had a walking tour so it was hard to pay attention near the end as my feet felt they were going to get frostbite! The guy on the walking tour was really funny, and informative so it was a pity near the end that all I wanted to do was unfrost. After the walking tour I went to Glo which is a vegetarian / healthy food restaurant and got some soup! They had some gluten free seaweed crackers that I could have with the soup and you got a free refill!! It was so good after being in the cold outside and I didn’t want to leave!! Since it wasn’t raining I went to a couple of look out points since the view would be better. The first was at the Hallgrimskirkja church, you can pay to go up the tower. It was freezing! But you get a really nice view over the city and some awesome shots.

Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik, Iceland


The second was called the Perlan and this was a little bit more of a walk and you get more of a panoramic view across the city as it was back from it a bit. And I saw a bunny on the way so it was worth it just for that!! He/she was a big white one, like you see at Easter!

That night I went to a seafood restaurant and got some fish since I am on an island it should be good seafood!! And it was, expensive seafood, but good seafood! I got an oven baked fish with roasted potatoes. Then it was home to bed as I had an earlish start and it was dark out by now.

Today was the most exciting one I had been looking forward to! The Blue Lagoon!!!

I got picked up at 9am and bused out to the lagoon. I upgraded my standard ticket and it came  with a free drink, an algae mask and a towel to use. Again it was freezing and it was raining again! So although it was warm, the wind and rain was sooo cold!!!! But oh my gosh! The view was amazing!!! It is so gorgeous, from the colour of the water to the landscape surrounding. There were alot of people but it didn’t feel at all like you were crammed in, the lagoon was so large! I floated my way around one side of the pool checking out all the little nooks and crannies and got my first mask – the silica. Everyone gets one with their ticket so we were all swimming around with white faces or half washed off ones. Then it was time to go back in for a rest as it is not recommended to stay in the water too long and I was all pruned up!

Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik, Iceland

The second time around I took my phone with me as I had wanted to take pictures. LOL big mistake!! I should of just taken the pictures on the deck, then jumped in for a bit in the water then taken my phone back to my locker, but instead I had it for the rest of the time and it was so awkward and was scared for my phones life! Firstly for obvious reasons, it was raining/drizzling still so my phone was getting wet, I got the algae mask, and was awkward using one hand to put the mask on, then I decided to get my free drink. So I had a pint of cider in one hand and phone in the other. My hand was freezing from the drink and I couldn’t put my hand under water unless I wanted to add it to my cider and my phone hand was also freezing. So next time – bring a sleeve to put phone in!!

Soon it was time to shower and get dressed to grab the bus back to the airport. Another Joe and the Juice sandwich then get my flight back to London.

Until next time x


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