Eastern European Getaway – Timisoara

Piata Unirii, Timisoara, Romaina

At the beginning of December I ventured east to Romainia. Basically all of my trips are going onto Skyscanner and seeing what is cheapest for the weekend I want to go, or can go. The pictures looked beautiful and I love the parts of eastern Europe I have seen so far so why not?

The flight got in very late, and and for those that arrive late here come prepared with cash as I got in late and they do not have very good public transport, so there was none late at night so I had to grab a cab (if you don’t have cash like I did there are ATM’s to get money out). Don’t pay anymore than 50Lek (about £10) and it is a quick trip as the airport is only about 10km from the city centre.

I stayed in a hostel called Freeborn Hostel. They were really friendly, even though it was about 12.30am or later the guy showed me around and even went through some sights to see while I was here. The hostel is really central! The city is easily walkable and thank goodness as I had said before – public transport isn’t great. The buildings are gorgeous! They remind me of Prague. There is so much architecture of various eras, and lots of squares showcasing them.

Piata Victoriei, Timisoara, Romainia

The first morning I google mapped my way to an eatery I had found called BIOfresh – it is a vegetarian cafe that does raw foods and just healthy in general. The kitchen didn’t open until 11 which seemed to be standard in Timisoara so while I waited I ordered a raw cheesecake and a coffee. The staff were really friendly, and once the kitchen was open I had my dahl brought out. It was soooo good! I was super full though after have the cheesecake so had to force it down a little bit near the end as I felt bad leaving any. Lucky I was going to be walking all day!

BIOfresh, Timisoara, Romainia

I waddled off for a walk, no particular place in general just wanted to get lost and go down random streets. There are alot of parks throughout Timisoara, which would be even more beautiful during summer so that everything would be out in flower, and there would be leaves on the trees. There are also a few good eateries, and tea shops.

I stopped off in the afternoon at a bookshop that also has a tea shop upstairs, there was a whole booklet to pick from, and it was so good! I love herbal teas so this is just what I was after to warm me up.

Carturesti, Timisoara, Romainia

Since it was during the festive period, there were Christmas markets on while I was there. It was such an awesome addition to the city. There was mulled wines and ciders and food stalls. I grabbed myself a mulled wine – was only 50p! Can’t go wrong!

Christmas markets, Piata Victoriei, Timisoara, Romainia

I had looked up restaurants to keep on the lookout for and I am quite a fan of Vietnamese. There was a place just down an alleyway off the main square and it was delicious! It was some of the best I have had outside Vietnam. I got my standard order – spring rolls and a bun ga (vermicelli salad with chicken).

It was then back to the hostel as I had been on my feet most of the day and it was a late night getting in the night before. Look out for day 2 coming next week!

Until next time x


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