Cambridge – Oxford’s brother/sister

cambridge, united kingdom

In December I went to Cambridge for the day as I had not been yet and I loved Oxford so needed to get to Cambridge before I leave! I love the architecture, and all the colleges throughout the city. I went in and out of all the ones I could get into for free, they just look magical! I am so jealous of people that get to go there as we don’t have anything as old or similar that you can go to. I know some people stay at accommodation on campus, but you don’t really apply as such.

cambridge, united kingdom

There were some really yummy food places that I had to check out as well. It was pretty chilly there so I definitely took advantage of the warmth of a restaurant when I could!

First stop of the morning was Novi, I got some yummy coconut pancakes. The portion was a little small, but really nice! And it was quite quiet so it is nice being able to eat in a relaxing environment.

cambridge, united kingdom

I also checked out Fitzwilliam Museum, there was a lot of things that are the same as most museums – painting etc. but it was nice to get out of the cold for a bit and look around – its free so why not. I wandered through a couple of parks and had a look through their ‘winter wonderland’ – it was pretty small, and not very busy which was kind of surprising since London’s one is packed. Then it was getting dark and I needed to find some dinner before catching the train. I went to Pizza Hut which was my first time in the UK, I wanted to try their gluten free bases in case I had been missing out. I have to say I was surprised, the base was really good! It was let down though as there wasn’t enough topping so was more base than topping, but otherwise pretty good! Also if your in Cambridge I wouldn’t go to that branch as the service was pretty bad and a table arrived next to me ended up leaving as they took so long to give them menus and then never got their order taken.

architecture, cambridge, united kingdom

All and all Cambridge was worth the trip, I have to say I still hold a light for Oxford and if you had to choose, in my opinion Oxford was better but either way there are gorgeous buildings and if you are into that then you will be in awe!

Until next time x


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