Hakarimatas! – Walking off a Hangover

Hakarimatas Reserve, Ngaruawahia, New Zealand

On Sunday morning me and my mate had decided to go up the Hakarimatas. EVERYONE talks about doing them and we wanted to know what all the fuss was about!

We had been out the night before for a leaving party and had a little too much to drink, and so we left a little later than anticipated. Only the middle of the day! haha

There are multiple tracks you can do ranging from an hour to several hours depending on how much time you have and is about 15-20min drive from Hamilton going north in Ngaruawahia.

Hakarimata Summit, Ngaruawahia, New Zealand

We took the most popular route, the 1300 stairs to the summit! It starts off okay as you walk along a creek until you get to the beginning of the stairway. There are ranges of people from kids to adults, young, old, running, walking. From the beginning it wasn’t really hard on your legs, it more just got my heart going, it was pounding from the cardio of walking up stair after stair. We had a few little breaks on the way to catch our breath and took in the view halfway where you can rest on a bench.

We then carried on to the top which didn’t seem to take very long and seemed quicker and easier than the first half. At the top you come to a little clearing and a tower so that you can see take in the 360 degree view above the trees.

Hakarimata Summit, Ngaruawahia, New Zealand

After taking a few pics we started on our journey down, and were careful as we had been nicely lectured about how most of the accidents on this mountain were on the way down. Once at the bottom we grabbed a cold drink before heading back to Hamilton for a much needed shower!


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Sunday Funday Trail Walk!

Windmills, Te Uku, New Zealand

On Sunday me and my mate got up early and drove out to near Raglan to go on a walk in preparation for the Tongariro Crossing. The trail is called the Pipiwharauroa Walking and Biking Trail. It is at the turn off for Bridal Veil Falls and you just follow the road until the end. The walk is about 18km so takes about 2 hours each way. We were the only ones in the carpark, and only saw two cyclists! We were really surprised as we thought it would be quite popular.

We had snacks packed and lots of water, and make sure you put on sunscreen as you are in the sun pretty much the whole track and we both ended up getting a bit burnt after missing spots and maybe not putting any on….

View, Pipiwhararoa Trail, Te Uku, New Zealand

The walk isn’t very steep, more at a continued incline. It varies between walking on gravel and on grass. Not ideal if you have kids in prams as it is a long walk, but also you have to climb over fences at different parts and the ground is uneven.

We wanted to do this walk as it walks up to the Windmills (if you know Raglan area, you will have seen them in the distance), and we got to get right up close and get views out across the country side with 360 degree views, and saw out to the coast side where Kawhia harbour is.

Pipiwhararoa Trail, Te Uku, New Zealand

Definitely a leisurely walk for those that are fit in general, we didn’t feel like we couldn’t have gone further at the end. Was so peaceful as no-one was around, great views, and good to get out in some fresh air to end the weekend.

Let me know below if your in the area and which walks are your favourite as we are going to be checking out other ones.


Until next time x