Celebrations in Hawkes Bay

Mister D, Napier, New Zealand

I wasn’t sure whether to post this blog or not as I only took a couple of photos as the weather was the pits! It was raining most of the time I was there and so the scenery wasn’t exactly photogenic. But I did want to comment on my time down there as I have a couple of reviews.

I left on Friday night to head down to Napier for a friends 30th and Engagement party in Hastings on Saturday. Accommodation was hard to come by in Hastings so I booked in Napier as it is not too far away and I have only been to the Hawkes Bay once, and I thought it would be nice to check out both. I booked at the YHA in Napier as it had good reviews and was right on the waterfront! I got there just after 8.30pm and the reception was closed. There was a sign on the door saying not to let anyone in without a key and when I rang their phone number it went straight to voicemail. I banged on the door until someone kindly let me in and I saw my room key was left out on the bench at reception. That was fine as there was a piece of paper with my room number and rules etc.

Later on in the evening after I had had dinner, I went back up to my room to turn in for the night and an old in lady in her 70’s or 80’s was sitting on a chair in our room and the room stunk. She had made herself up to our room, and let herself in with no key or anything. We asked if she was meant to be saying here and she said yes but didn’t know which room. From my perspective as a guest, I was not happy about there being no reception and that this lady had managed to book into a dorm room at a backpackers who clearly had incontinence problems. I think it is not fair on guests who have to endure their room smelling of piss all night. Luckily she was in a room a couple of doors down otherwise I wouldn’t of stayed there.

The next morning I googled some places for breakfast, and found one called Mister D. It was so good, I got avocado on toast with dukkah. Definitely find your way there if you are in Napier. It was then back to the car to drive to Hastings for the festivities. We were going to do some wine tasting then party on later back at their house.

If you are into wine and want to take the long drive out to Hawkes Bay, then this is the place for you. There were multiple wineries just outside Hastings, and we got a few tasters at each place. It cost $5 for the tastings which included about 4 different types of wines. Our last stop was Abbey Estate where the weather finally cleared and I could get in a couple of snaps.

Abbey Estate, Hastings, New Zealand

The next morning with a slight hangover, I made the long drive back to Hamilton (4 hrs).


Until next time x


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