Blue Springs Afternoon Stroll

Te Waihou Walkway, Putaruru

Today I went with a mate to tick another walk off the list down in Putaruru. There are a couple of options for this walk. Either start on Whites Road where it is 1hr 1/2 each way, or go down Lesley Road where you can do the same, or its only 15 minutes walk to the Blue Springs. We had time and wanted more than a 15min walk so we started at Whites Road and did the 1hr 1/2.

Te Waihou Walkway, Putaruru

It is a walk for all levels, there are a couple of sets of stairs and a little bit of an incline but otherwise it is pretty easy and not too strenuous. The walk takes you through a little farmland, boardwalks as well as a bush track. The track goes along the river where there are multiple points you will want to stop and take some pictures!

Te Waihou Walkway, Putaruru

At the Blue Springs it is quite hard to see the spring itself as it is on the other side of the river from where the viewpoint is and it is shaded so the blue is not as obvious. There was a staircase that gave you a more birds eye view over the river which was good.

Blue Springs, Putaruru

Although the spring itself probably wasn’t as spectacular as I had thought it would be, the river itself along the walk was so beautiful! The water is really clear and you can see all the moss growing in the water which makes for a gorgeous view. I also may have taken a dip and it is as cold as the signs say, a mere 11 degrees. I could barely breathe!


Until next time x


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