Waiheke Island for Easter

Man O' War Bay, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Over Easter weekend I went with my parents for a little getaway to Waiheke Island. Mum had never been, so packed up the van on Friday afternoon and drove up to Auckland to Half Moon Bay to catch the ferry across.

It wasn’t the best start to a weekend, we stopped at a cafe on the way up for a coffee and I left my handbag on the back of my chair and didn’t realise until we were getting out of the car on the ferry. I quickly rang the cafe and they luckily had my bag and were kind enough to hold onto it for me until we got back on Monday afternoon.

I decided to put it out of my mind as it was done, and no point worrying – and I’m with my parents so no paying for anything now!! haha jokes…kinda.

The ferry takes an hour so we had time to take in the view and for me to stew a little over my stupidity.

We drove off the ferry and had a bit of a drive around the island to kill a bit of time before check in for our hotel, we ended up at Onetangi beach where we got some lunch and took in the view as the beach was across the road. We were staying near a few shops and a supermarket which was handy, and of course mum and dad wanted to go to the RSA for dinner that night to check it out. We spent the night buying $1 raffle tickets and listening to the live music which was quite nice.

Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Saturday morning we made a plan to check out one side of the island. We set out on the loop road that takes you out to Stony Batter. We walked up to Stony Batter but unfortunately the tunnels were closed, but we could still walk up to the top of the hill and get a good view out the eastern side of the island. We bundled back into the car and came to our next stop which was the Man O’ War winery. This is by far the best winery I have been to! It was not pretentious, the staff were lovely, and the setup was great! The winery is across the road from the bay which the winery is named after and it has a grass area out the front with picnic tables and a food truck off to the side. There was even some live music. The atmosphere was awesome, everyone was enjoying themselves in the sun. We even ended up sharing our table with some people that were from the same town mum and dad grew up in so they were having a good old yarn.

Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Sunday we checked out the western side of the island, it is where the main town is – Oneroa, and there is a main street with shops, and restaurants and bars. We had a walk around the streets and down to the beach there, went into a few galleries and just drove around exploring all the roads. It was interesting looking at all the houses there as many have crazy steep driveways or have houses on the edges of cliffs! Not for the light hearted!

Monday it was back to the ferry and back to the cafe to retrieve my bag!


Until next time x