Hakarimatas at night!

Hakarimata Summit, Ngaruawahia, New Zealand

On Thursday I went up the Haks at about 6pm, it was a little later than I had meant to go and I forgot that once in the bush it is alot darker! But I was there and I had a torch so there was no excuses.

I have been wanting to go up at night for a while as I had been told there are Glow Worms there.

I don’t know if it was the fact that I had only been up a couple of weeks ago, it was nighttime or I had my headphones but I was powering up there, I stopped less than normal. Since there are stairs and there are quite a lot that are wooden, it made it fine for me to make my way up there without a torch, I was just careful on the flat as there are a lot of trunks and leaves/branches on the ground so you don’t want to twist an ankle.

Once at the top, it was quite pretty, all the lights are on over Hamilton and Ngaruawahia. You don’t get to see the glow worms until you get to the bottom, where there is about a kilometre left. The track follows a creek, and there are glow worms surrounding a couple of the waterfalls and along the track in the bush, it is so pretty!

Unfortunately the camera doesn’t show up the glow worms =(


Until next time x