Stopover in Taipei

Longshan Temple, Taipei

I forgot to put this blog in before my Tauranga one! I got too excited with my weekend away hehe.

So on my way home to NZ, I had a 12 hour stopover in Taipei which I had kind of not realised I had booked. I was debating whether to go into the city or not as it is an hour drive and I was a little worried about transferring money and whether I would get back in time before my flight that night. You never know if there is an accident or something and I would of rather stayed in the airport than miss my plane home!

But I didn’t have to worry about a thing!

I arrived in Taipei a little later than expected but still plenty of time, I made my way through to my transfer gate and I asked about leaving the airport. The guy was really blase and said it was fine to leave the airport and then showed me a poster for a transfer tour. It is a FREE tour for anyone who has a stopover of 7 hours or more – I was set! The tour started about an hour after I got through customs so I had time to grab some lunch and put my carry-on luggage in a locker. I was really impressed with Taipei. It is soooo efficient! I got through customs in no time at all, no visa required to enter the country. The tour goes twice a day and takes half a day. The tour started at 2pm and we arrived back at about 6pm so plenty of time before my flight at 11.30pm. Longshan Temple, Taipei

It was super easy, you go to the desk in the arrival hall and ask to sign up for the tour, they take your passport details and as long as the list isn’t full your in with a grin =) The tour guide shows up and takes us to a shuttle bus. We get taken into Taipei and he speaks along the way telling us history and general information, pointing out sights as we go. Once in the city we make a couple of stops at Longshan Temple and a memorial hall. We get a view from the outside of the Taipei 101 Building (a viewing tour), and before we know it, we are heading back to the airport. I would highly recommend taking this tour if you ever have a stopover. I didn’t have to worry about a thing, you get shuttled around so no worry of language barrier or getting lost and you get a glimpse of another city on your way home.

Taipei 101 Building, Taipei, Taiwan

Let me know below if you have encountered similar tours at other airports as it is a great way to kill time and see a new country!


Until next time x