Hygge! – Part 2

On Saturday with now my work mate in tow, we got a ticket for the ‘Hop On – Hop Off’ bus and listened our way to the Christiansborg Palace. The palace was one of the nicest castles I have visited. It was really light and actually looked like people would live there, not so dramatic in the colourings of the interior. After looking around the palace, they also had a tower to climb which gave us views over the city centre.


Then we jumped back on the bus to our next stop – the Little Mermaid. The stop didn’t take long as theres just the mermaid on a rock…. so after a quick few pics we then jumped back on to the Rosenborg Castle.


I was glad we had gone to the Christiansborg Palace as the Rosenborg is very dark and kind of depressing. On the second day we had an all you can eat brunch at the architecture centre and went on a canal tour.It was pretty cold to be on the canal but it was nice to get another view of the city and more information. We had been recommended a cocktail bar called Ruby. It is very hidden away and also expensive so we stayed for just one drink but it has a nice atmosphere and the bar guy was really nice. We finished the day off walking the shopping street and then I took refuge in the hostel until it was time to head to the airport. Back to reality.

Until next time x


Hygge! – Part 1

A couple of weekends ago I went for a long weekend to Copenhagen. I left on Thursday night and my work mate joined me on the Friday night.

Firstly, if you are going to Copenhagen in October – bring gloves, beanie, scarf and a warm jackets as it was chilly! It wasn’t even that cold temperature wise, it was about 9/10 degrees but the wind was really cold on one of the days and there was quite a dampness in the air.

Now on to the fun part – what I did!

I arrived late Thursday so after a quick nosey around the hostel I jumped into bed so I would be fresh for Fridays wandering. I began the morning by making my way to a breakfast place that I had already looked up online to check out. It was called Hafnia. The staff were lovely and gave me recommendations when I was having difficulty choosing between a couple of things. I ended up going with the cashew yoghurt with granola and fruit on top. It was SO GOOD! I loved the yoghurt but I think the winner was the granola. I don’t know what they put in there but I wanted more!


After breakfast I walked up to the Assistens cemetery which is where Hans Christian Anderson and Niels Bohr are buried.

After a quick few photo shots of those, I made my way back down toward the canal. I grabbed a hire bike and rode around past the Marble Church, and the Amalienborg Castle then around the streets near Freetown Christiania.


Then of course next stop was food again. I had read about Papirøen – which is an indoor street food place. I got an egg wrap and found a table to tuck in.

Once I was nice and full, I walked around Freetown Christiania which is pretty much people getting blazed. It is quite a hippy area with lots of brightly colored buildings and artsy pubs and cafes. On my way back towards the city centre I saw a cathedral with a really tall tower that I decided to go up. It was the scariest tower I have ever been on. It brings you out at a slanted platform and then theres a winding staircase up to the point. Amazing view but not for the lighthearted!


See where I continue in Part 2.

Until next time x