Country Number 30!

Halfway through September I hit country number 30! Morocco!

I was in need of a sun fix and I sure got that in Morocco. I went on a tour with Travel Talk for 8 days and spent two of those nights in the desert. I have never been somewhere so peaceful than waking up in the desert and watching the sunrise.

My tour started off in Marrakech – I walked about an hour from my hotel into the city centre (should of got the shuttle!) and walked through the twisting narrow streets of the Medina. Marrakech is very busy and buzzing with scooters and cars going by.


We were there while the Eid celebrations were on so it was an experience walking by and seeing goats and sheep being sacrificed – not really an experience I wish to see again but it’s all part of being in another culture.


The second night in the desert we rode by camel to the campsite, all in convoy as the sun went down.img_4593

While travelling between Agadir and Essaouira we came across tree climbing goats, they are meant to have the best meat as they do not have much fat on them. We stopped off to have goat tagine at a restaurant and I have to say it was really tender – I would highly recommend!img_4594

I had some delicious food in Morocco and shared it with some amazing people, it is always good in life to experience cultures and places that are so different to what you have always known.

Until next time x