Running for the train to Nottingham!

On Friday night I had been talking to one of my best mates until after 12. When I got off my computer, I looked on Citymapper to check how long it would take me to get to the train then I somehow got distracted and fell asleep. I woke up to my alarm I had set earlier in the week knowing I would need to get up around 6.30ish but that wasn’t early enough! I needed to leave at 6.30 so I was in such a rush and freaking out as there was a slim chance in hell of making my train on time. I ran from stop to stop – platform to platform and I made it! With not even a minute spare!

I walked nearly the length of the train and found my seat to then relax as I made my way to Nottingham!

Once off the train, I beelined for the Nottingham Castle, I got there before the doors had even opened. If you go to Nottingham and don’t have much time I wouldn’t waste my time or money. It was pretty average, and was mostly just a museum about nothing to do with the Castle. By now I was starving (running around like a crazy person does that), I had seen some good reviews for Hartley’s Sandwich Bar and I got a bacon, mozzarella and spinach panini with a berry boost smoothie. It was delish! Now that my tank was full, I went to my next stop which was the City of Caves. It was well worth doing! Really informative and interesting and if you like playing dress up you get to wear a hard hat =)

City of Caves, Nottingham, United Kingdom

I then went to the bus depo and took a bus out to Wollaton Hall and Deer park. It was just what i needed! It was so beautiful and peaceful, the leaves on the trees were all changing since we are now in Autumn, really lovely.

Wollaton Par, Nottingham

The hall is gorgeous from the outside, and is free to go in and check out the exhibits. There is a couple of floors to occupy yourself for a while. I then headed back to the city centre and wandered around the streets before finding  somewhere for dinner and a few post walk cocktails which is always satisfying!

Another day of exploring been and gone….

Until next time x