Timisoara Days 2 + 3

cathedrala mitropolitana, timisoara, romainia

First thing Saturday morning was breakfast of course! I found a small cafe that does eggs only. They serve omelettes and they open before 11am so can’t complain! I got a spanish omelette and a tea. I don’t really get into normal tea but I love herbal/fruit fusions. The omelette was pretty good, and while I ate I decided what the plan of attack was for today. I decided to first go to the Banat Museum on the edge of the city, I found the building but couldn’t find an entrance and the place didn’t look open. I came to realise that if there is a door – try it. It opened! And of course the museum was open, a little deserted, but open. I went upstairs and it has been turned into what I can gather an exhibition hall now. There were paintings all over the walls. The lady took 20 lei off me, and I explored. Then it was onto the next place.

I then walked around to the botanical gardens, which was really peaceful, there wasn’t much to look at as the leaves were all gone, but it is still always relaxing walking among bushes and trees. I stopped off at a couple of cathedrals and the squares as I looped my way back into the centre of the city.

parcul civic, timisoara, romainia

For lunch I went to a kebab shop as it has good reviews on  TripAdvisor. The guy was quite nice that served me, the kebab salad was good, nothing to write home about, same as every other kebab shop I have been to. But none the less, still a nice cheap lunch if your nearby and I ate it out in the sun in the main square (Piata Victoriei).

I has also read that there was a good gelato shop (Gelato di Bruno), so I got some dessert later on, and it was definitely worth going. I got half pistachio and half cherry flavour. Not exactly summer weather but still yummy! Later on, I went back to the Vietnamese place for dinner again, and so silly I sometimes like to try new dishes as I don’t like getting the same thing every time, and every time I regret. I got the fried rice with chicken, and it was fine, but I am not really a fan. I find it a bit dry and I love the ‘Bun’s so I need to stick with it! I got another lot of spring rolls as I couldn’t resist so it wasn’t all bad!

I decided that I would be social tonight so I grabbed a couple of drinks from a mini-mart and took them back to my hostel and hung out there from early evening as it gets dark so early there and it is quite cold. I had a few drinks with a couple of guys who were both from the UK, and then the guy working at the hostel took us out later to a bar. It was really fun! It looked like we were going to a local bar and the atmosphere was really cool, they had decent priced drinks and we were able to get a table. It was home time now and I was looking forward to getting into bed!

Bega River, Timisoara, Romainia

Sunday morning I went back to the omelette place, and got a different omelette this time, I went to a museum (Muzeul de Arta) that also looked closed but was not. I had a walking tour booked for the afternoon so I went back through the main square to the meeting point. The tour was freezing! It was a really clear day and it was windy and chilly, so I spent another walking tour wishing it would end as my feet felt like they were going to fall off! I really need to buy some thicker socks!

near Bega river, timisoara, romainia

The tour was free, and you can just book online and they confirm with you if there’s enough people to go ahead with the tour. Timisoara is the start of the revolution in Romainia so it was really interesting learning about it. I finished the tour and remembered someone from the hostel talking about a shopping centre that was nearby. I made a beeline for the food court first to eat and warm up. Then I had a bit of a wander around, they had awesome decorations everywhere for Christmas, and a massive supermarket! I had a nosey inside and I couldn’t believe it, whole isles of bulk foods, spices being sold in huge crates. A pick and mix freezer section – there was anything and everything! I love a good supermarket! hehe

It was time to head back to the hostel to grab my things and head to the airport. The lady working at the hostel was lovely and called a cab for us and I had some company as one of the British guys was on the same flight as me which was nice =) Another weekend over, back to reality.

Until next time x


Country Number 30!

Halfway through September I hit country number 30! Morocco!

I was in need of a sun fix and I sure got that in Morocco. I went on a tour with Travel Talk for 8 days and spent two of those nights in the desert. I have never been somewhere so peaceful than waking up in the desert and watching the sunrise.

My tour started off in Marrakech – I walked about an hour from my hotel into the city centre (should of got the shuttle!) and walked through the twisting narrow streets of the Medina. Marrakech is very busy and buzzing with scooters and cars going by.


We were there while the Eid celebrations were on so it was an experience walking by and seeing goats and sheep being sacrificed – not really an experience I wish to see again but it’s all part of being in another culture.


The second night in the desert we rode by camel to the campsite, all in convoy as the sun went down.img_4593

While travelling between Agadir and Essaouira we came across tree climbing goats, they are meant to have the best meat as they do not have much fat on them. We stopped off to have goat tagine at a restaurant and I have to say it was really tender – I would highly recommend!img_4594

I had some delicious food in Morocco and shared it with some amazing people, it is always good in life to experience cultures and places that are so different to what you have always known.

Until next time x