Top 5 Place in the UK

While I was in London, I wanted to make sure that I explored as much of the UK as I did outside of it. I went on a lot of day trips and weekend getaways. The people were always really friendly and I loved seeing all the gorgeous old English houses, and what the small and large sized towns had to offer. I have narrowed down the top 5 places I think you should check out if you are ever in the UK or you live in the UK and haven’t ventured around your own country.

In no particular order (its hard to choose!)

  1. OxfordOxford, United KingdomWhere to start! The buildings are gorgeous! I really liked Oxford, there is just college after college that is stunning. If your a Harry Potter fan, there were a few places that are from the films. I just loved walking around the streets and wishing I got to go to one of the colleges as a student.
  2. BathRoman Bath's, Bath, United KingdomBath was another stunner! If you like culture then this is the place for you. Jane Austen spent a few years here and it is one of the few places where the city is a World Heritage Site. The city’s website has downloadable walking tours which were really great and easy to use. It has a spa where you can get some relaxation where you can rest your feet after a long day of walking the streets.Definitely check it out and save your pennies to treat yourself to the spa!
  3. BroadstairsBroadstairs, United KingdomNot the biggest of places but if you want to go to a chill place where you can just relax on the beach for the day – then this is the place for you! It was so peaceful, and fun for all ages. If you got sick of sitting on the beach you can make your way up the coast to all the other little bays nearby before heading back for some fish and chips on the beach =)
  4. Isle of WightIMG_4367After a train ride to either Southampton or Portsmouth, catch the ferry across to the Isle of Wight. It is a very small island, and as you can see in the pictures it has beautiful buildings. It is not big at all and has one little strip of shops but if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of London then this is a relaxing getaway for the weekend, and if your really organised – take a bike as there are paths to get around.
  5. Brighton13876574_10153583781031567_7915946040027522415_nBrighton is not far from London, and is the perfect getaway if you still want quite a busy city but with the beach feel. So many winding streets to get lost in shops or eat and drink your way around the city. So many good options so make sure your wallets are full! Then relax on the beach when you have had enough of the crowds and want to cool off with a swim.

To see more on these cities check out my full posts on each one.


Until next time x


Top ways to save space and must haves in your carry on!

magazine, travel essentials, passport, travel containers, plug, eye mask, earplugs

I think I have become a pro at saving space when it comes to carry on as that is all I ever travel with since I have been in the UK. So I thought I would share some tips as it has really come in handy for bringing the essentials and also making it not heavy and getting all your liquids through customs. I also am putting in there some must haves to make your travel easier and handy when needed!

  1. Buy plastic containers – I bought mine just at poundland and another cheap store. They have been a lifesaver. I put my moisturisers, cleansers, shampoo, suncream and aftersun in these and they save so much room and weight for your bag.
  2. Organisers / Snaplock bags – It doesn’t have to cost the earth to separate out your clothing. Using organisers saves space by taking some of the air out of the clothes and makes it so easy to keep everything tidy as when everything is put together it can expand and look like you have less room. Also great for holding your dirty clothes so they don’t get mixed up with your clean ones =)
  3. Magazine – I always treat myself to a magazine when I go away, so I can keep myself occupied when I am travelling, and if you finish it while you are away you can ditch it and your bag gets lighter – always a good thing!
  4. Wear your bulky stuff on the plane, shoes and jackets can take up a lot of room, but if you wear them they keep your luggage weight down, and free up your bag.
  5. Padlock – If you are staying in a hostel, this is a good idea as then you don’t need to buy a padlock, and it keeps your stuff safe in your locker.
  6. Earplugs and face mask – keeps sound out if you are stuck in a room with snorers – which seems to be regularly at the moment, and also a face mask to block the light out so if someone comes in during the night or you need a sleep in if the windows aren’t that well covered, your sorted. I don’t travel anywhere without these! Even planes if there are crying babies or your in a hotel and its noisy outside – they are a must!
  7. Umbrella and beanie – you never know what the weather will be like – especially in a cold place. A beanie is small and fits easily in your bag, but keeps you super warm if it is colder than expected. And an umbrella. You don’t want to be stuck buying umbrellas or ponchos while your there and wasting money when you can bring your one from home.
  8. Currency – I have found that the best rates for changing currency is when you get there. Always check online first though as the occasional country will not have as good a rate. But in general wait until you get there and to save money on ATM cash, take out how much you think you will spend before you leave so you have it on you and don’t get stung then just exchange bits at a time so you don’t get stuck having to convert alot of currency back at the end.
  9. Make a list of sights/restaurants before you leave for your trip, especially if you only have a weekend. Saves you from becoming overwhelmed by thinking your going to miss something that you had wanted to see/do and its quite fun ticking them off at the end =)
  10. Finally make sure to have fun! If you don’t get to do everything you wanted that’s fine and I have come to realise that just walking the streets and ‘acting like a local’ by just chilling at a cafe and reading a book or walking through a park is just as fun and is just as apart of the experience as going to the more touristy parts of a city.

Leave you tips below for how you save time/space/carry on must haves as I would love to add some new ways to my list as we can always improve!

Until next time x

Country Number 30!

Halfway through September I hit country number 30! Morocco!

I was in need of a sun fix and I sure got that in Morocco. I went on a tour with Travel Talk for 8 days and spent two of those nights in the desert. I have never been somewhere so peaceful than waking up in the desert and watching the sunrise.

My tour started off in Marrakech – I walked about an hour from my hotel into the city centre (should of got the shuttle!) and walked through the twisting narrow streets of the Medina. Marrakech is very busy and buzzing with scooters and cars going by.


We were there while the Eid celebrations were on so it was an experience walking by and seeing goats and sheep being sacrificed – not really an experience I wish to see again but it’s all part of being in another culture.


The second night in the desert we rode by camel to the campsite, all in convoy as the sun went down.img_4593

While travelling between Agadir and Essaouira we came across tree climbing goats, they are meant to have the best meat as they do not have much fat on them. We stopped off to have goat tagine at a restaurant and I have to say it was really tender – I would highly recommend!img_4594

I had some delicious food in Morocco and shared it with some amazing people, it is always good in life to experience cultures and places that are so different to what you have always known.

Until next time x